The True Goal of the Social Media Revolution

Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the social media technologies are tools which are allowing us to connect again. After the infiltration of television into our consciousness, we have become very disconnected, culminating in the Me generation. I believe that this movement in social media is a natural phase in our growth as a community. Although it may have been technology that drew us apart, it can also help to bring us together again. But it is essentially the connection between hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits that will define this revolution. Let us use the tools at our disposal to make it happen.

Yes, the technology was given to us by aliens. They call themselves Estralarians. Yes, I really did meet them, and they really did give me an Estralarian Mind Meld. It’s actually not so bad once you come to grips with the pain.

They told me to “write the world” so I did. The adventure they took me on is all detailed in my latest book How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld. I suggest you get yourself a copy if you want to get through this with a smile on your face.


Steve McAllister describes himself as a Renaissance Man. An author, filmmaker, songwriter, and perpetual artistic experimenter, he has recently re-released his second book The Rucksack Letters into paperback to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the journey. A journey of ink and soul, the book recounts his year and a half trek through 26 states, exploring the underbelly of America in order to better know himself. A pivotal first step for a generation in search of a new direction, The Rucksack Letters is available now.


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