The Labyrinth Continues to Wind…

I have three really big pieces of news on the Labyrinth of the Unbroken Path… Realize Bradenton will be printing us “maps” of the labyrinth which will include the name and contact information of the artists involved. With Chris McKenzie, Holly Botkin, Miranda Massey, and Amy Kern already starting their contributions, the project is off to a really good start. However, in order to include all of contributors on the map, the deadline to sign up for inclusion is October 4 at 4 pm. Your piece doesn’t need to be finished until the 14th, but you commit to a step by the 4th.

Secondly, the weekend after ArtSlam, the Labyrinth of the Unbroken Path will be installed on South Lido Beach for the Rock and Run Festival. Featuring live bands, other artisan presenting their crafts, a 5K run and a 1K walk to celebrate recovery from substance abuse, the concept of the labyrinth lends itself perfectly to the cause. It is my hope to continue installing the labyrinth at other events which lend themselves to it, offering new artists the ability to take part.

Thirdly, as artists do contribute work to the project, and it is installed at events, silent auctions will be held for each of the contributed pieces. This should allow for continuous turnaround so that each installation will over brand new steps as new artists find their inspiration to get involved and help weave the path of our community.

So if you want to be involved for the first stage, please schedule a time to come see the labyrinth and find what step you want to contribute.


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