The Next Step on the Unbroken Path

Before an artist begins a painting, he can’t tell you exactly what the final piece is going to look like. As I start on this journey of The Unbroken Path, I can’t tell you exactly what it’s going to look like either. Just as the artist has an idea of the colors he is going to use and the style he’s going to impress upon his work, I know what elements I’m going to use in this project and how I’m going to bring it about. But I’ve found that as exhaustively as I might plan for an endeavor, the end result is rarely what I imagined it to be. It is often better.

Nevertheless, I want to give you at least some understanding of what I am doing and why I am doing it. When I left Sarasota to write The Rucksack Letters ten years ago, I did with the hope of finding my purpose in life and doing my part to change the world for the better. After returning to Sarasota and reaching the end of my most recent book How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld, I was informed that the power I needed to change anything was in the palm of my hand. This understanding has set me on a new course which I call The Unbroken Path.

In my two hands, I come with two basic skill sets which I believe will come in quite handy as I venture forth in this endeavor. I am a writer and I am a filmmaker. As such, I see The Unbroken Path as an opportunity to take transmedia storytelling to a new level. Because what I want to share through this adventure is not just about telling stories about where we’ve come from, but where we are, and where we are capable of going.

Just as I created an outline to use as a roadmap in the writing of How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld, I intend to follow the same format for The Unbroken Path. As we make our way through this process, I will be using a variety of resources to tell the story I am about to begin. I will do this by reading and discussing passages from various books, as well as talking to people in my community about the steps along the way.

These are some of the questions I hope to answer as we make our way down The Unbroken Path:

How does the Hero’s Journey outlined by Joseph Campbell help us to become our own hero?

How do The Five Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz and don Jose Ruiz help us create a stronger community?

How can we consciously ascend the Stages of Consciousness defined by Dr. David Hawkins?

How do we move up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to reach Self Actualization and Self Transcendence?

How do we instill the four Principles of Leadership by Wayne Dyer?

How do we best take on the four Roles of Leadership by Stephen Covey in order to achieve our four Life Goals?

What are the Four Noble Truths and what does it mean to follow the Eightfold Path to Righteousness?

Is the evangelical interpretation of the Romans Road all there is to Christianity?

How do we best practice the Eight Habits of Highly Effective People?

What did Gale Fulton Ross mean when she said that Artists Must Play CARDS?

What can Tarot cards teach us when we look at the Fool’s Journey and get beyond mere fortune telling?

How do the four elements of nature align with the four elements of humanity?

Is there really a Science of Getting Rich like Wallace Wattles said?

Of course, with every question, there are always more to arise, and as this journey progresses, there is no telling what sorts of questions might come up. Some I’ll have answers to, and some I may have to seek from you. You may now be asking yourself, “How is all of this stuff related?” To find the answer to that, join me in the journey. But rest assured, this is going to be an incredible expedition, one that I think will help you get a new perspective on your life and the ability you have to create it into something extraordinary.

I will also be sharing passages from my books The Rucksack Letters and How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld to highlight various parts of the journey. So if you haven’t read them, you might want to pick up a copy now. Both of them are currently available in paperback.

The next phase of The Unbroken Path project is the labyrinth being created for the ArtSlam Festival in Bradenton on October 15th. If you are an artist and want to be a part of a collaborative community project, let’s make it happen.

I thank you and look forward to sharing this journey with you.



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