Wrestling the Demon

For the past two weeks, I have been giving most of my time to an ultra low budget feature film called Demon. To be perfectly honest, when I first heard the title of the film, I wasn’t too thrilled about taking the gig. I’ve pushed through a lot of the religious dross that used to keep me from engaging in life, but I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to give my energy to demonic activity. However, since the job offer came from David Zietz, who has a great spirit that I’ve wanted to work with, and since I hadn’t worked on a film in quite awhile and relished the opportunity, I took the gig.

Actually, he told me about the film, and I offered up my services as a production assistant, the bottom rung of the film production hierarchy. Perhaps it was a warped sense of self esteem or a desire to steer clear of undue responsibility, but I realized pretty early that I had undervalued myself as a crew member. Nevertheless, considering that I was fighting my way through a tremendous summer cold throughout the production, I was able to more or less sit back, watch how people worked together, and consider how I wanted to integrate this experience into where my path seems to be taking me.

As it turned out, the film wasn’t really about a demon in the traditional sense. The “demon” in question is actually a genetically altered chupacabra that the military hopes to use as the ultimate killing machine. An almost laughable premise at first, throughout filming I started to realized the deeper social themes. Don’t let me get your hopes up… This film will never, other than in the confines of this sentence, be compared to Citizen Kane. Nevertheless, it does speak to the violence that the machine of government has been breeding and how the powers that be have manipulated our myths in order to control us with fear and trepidation.

There were a few other incidences and occurrences that might make for good discussion at one time or another, like how I almost got fired and beat up on the last day of shooting, but I think I’d rather just let the experience pass and move on to my next project instead of memorializing the on set shenanigans. I’ve wrestled with Demon for long enough and I’m really looking forward to giving my time and energy to something more constructive.


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