Why We Shouldn’t Take Anything Personally

The Second Agreement, Don’t Take Anything Personally, speaks to the humbling realization that there is an awful lot of stuff going on the world, and very little of it may actually have to deal with you. Every person on this planet is perceiving life through their own senses, not only their five physical senses, but their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual senses. When their senses are out of alignment, they are out of alignment, and it has nothing to do with you. Quite often, although they may direct their frustrations toward us, we are not actually the cause of their frustrations. Regardless of what they do or say, we must not take it personally for we are not responsible for their perceptions of life.

When we allow the words and actions of others to dictate our own emotional state, we lose a lot of our own personal power. Through the lives that we live, each of us is coursing with energy which gives us the power to not only live physically, but respond emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It is out task to align our own senses, not those of others. If we truly are responsible for someone’s frustration, we can act accordingly, try to fix the situation, and make amends. But more often than not, if we are living consciously, the frustrations of others have nothing to do with us, and we should not react to them as if they do.

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Steve McAllister describes himself as a Renaissance Man. An author, filmmaker, songwriter, and perpetual artistic experimenter, he has recently re-released his second book The Rucksack Letters into paperback to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the journey. A journey of ink and soul, the book recounts his year and a half trek through 26 states, exploring the underbelly of America in order to better know himself. A pivotal first step for a generation in search of a new direction, The Rucksack Letters is available now.


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