The Joys of Surreality

Yesterday was quite productive. My friend AJ got me a bed to use for the rest of my tenure here, and finished the fence in the along the back yard the day before. I’d been sleeping on stacked inflatable mattresses that would someone swallow me by morning so a night on a sturdy mattress was much appreciated.

Then I went to talk to someone about the possibility of my doing something that I can’t discuss yet and that she will deny profusely if I mention it. So that went well.

Misha Rubinstein got me involved in the Art Slam project up in Bradenton so I went to discuss some of the particulars with him. Somehow I’m heading up two projects, one of them a labyrinth made of recycled materials, and the other a “Home for Art” about finding creativity in homeless people. I intend to let the second one help guide the direction of the documentary I’ve been working on. Misha owns Spiral Enterprises, which helps performance artists find gigs, and lives next door to Midgeann Schotz, who owns the Jewelry Fountain, one of the points at Five Points Collective. We’re shooting a commercial for her tomorrow so she invited me over for dinner last night for some of the best fish enchiladas I have ever had in my life.

But before dinner, I gave a tour of the Mangrove Tunnels to Rob Walker, the director of a low budget horror film I’ll be working on starting tomorrow.  Of course, we was mesmerized by the place and was going to rework the script that night to include them in the film.

It was a really interesting trip. When we came out of the first tunnel, an anyngha started following us as they often do, swimming under the boat and popping up out of the water to look at us with those bright eyes and hooked beaks waiting for a hand out. By the end of the trip, there were five of them trailing our kayak. Really neat little birds.

But one of the most peculiar things happened when we banked the boat at the end of the peninsula. Someone had planted a single red rose in the sand about a foot offshore. I know it may seem like a little thing, but it’s those little surrealities that really put a smile on my face. So thank you to the life artist that put it there.


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