President Obama, Please Come to Sarasota

Dear President Obama,

I am a native of Sarasota, Florida. On 9/11/01, your predecessor was here at Booker Elementary School reading My Pet Goat when the country was attacked. Only months earlier, the terrorists where here training to carry it out. Not that I want Sarasota to be associated with this tragedy, but they are coincidences that I cannot summarily dismiss without at least exploring the possibilities of why.

As you’re already aware, this area also has many connections to your administration. You were here before when you visited the Desoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center which gave Florida the honor of being the second largest solar-power producing state in the country. Nestled in the center of Florida’s Gulf Coast, we are also home to Mote Marine Laboratory, one of the area’s first responders to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Mote is gauging the effects of the oil spill on marine life which will help determine the ripple effect it will have on the community and the economy.

Sarasota is considered paradise by many, a community of artists, performers, entrepreneurs, scientists, progressive thinkers, and retirees. Our city and county commissions, as well as our residents, are making great strides in renewable energy, spiritual renewal, and sustainable living. Our businesses are geared toward the next generation of economic development, on the cutting edge of Internet infrastructure and finance. Our gardens, theatres, beaches, and museums are world renown.

I invite you for a visit to Sarasota next year in observance of the tenth anniversary of our ninth month’s incident. It is my hope that this area, which was so pivotal to the direction this country has taken over the last decade, might offer a breaking point for the tide of consciousness with its waves of violence and environmental catastrophe, and propose some insights into the conclusion of this chapter in history.

Steve McAllister

PS – I hope you had a nice birthday. Mine was yesterday as well. Interesting bit of synchronicity that I’m inviting you to celebrate the 10 year anniversary and you’re exactly ten years older than me. Also interesting that I happened to be driving through New York the day before the incident, and your predecessor was in my town the day of.

PPS – If you are reading this and not President Obama, but would like to see him come to Sarasota, please feel free to copy and paste as much or as little of this letter as you like and send it along.


2 thoughts on “President Obama, Please Come to Sarasota

    • I want to take him kayaking in the mangrove tunnels and talk about the possibilities available to us as a community. However, I haven’t really pursued getting an audience with him because I think it will do more good to actually talk to the people in my community… so that’s where I’m trying to focus my efforts.

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