I Love the Little Synchronicities…

One of the things I truly love about my life are those wonderful little synchronicities that I notice. Let me give you a recent example… Last week, I was walking down Main Street and decided to stop in Parker’s Used Books. I knew I still had credit there because of some books I’d brought in a few years ago, and I had a sudden itch to reread some Tom Robbins. When I first started reading Tom Robbins, I was on the road. And as I made my way from Colorado to California, as I finished each book, I would remarkably find another one that I hadn’t read at pretty much whichever used book store I wandered into.

Parker’s had Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, one of my favorites, and I immediately snatched it up. The last time I had a copy of the book was when I was starring in Hank Williams: Lost Highway at Manatee Players. In the show, where I played the iconic country crooner, Fred Zimmerman played my manager and his wife Laurie played my mom (which is also my real mom’s name). Fred and I got talking about books one day and I gave him my copy of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues so I was looking forward to reading it again.

I also recently did a little promo video for the Pastry Art Open Mic Night, and so Wednesday night I decided to go out and play again. I did my three songs and noticed some familiar faces in the crowd. Wouldn’t you know it… it was Fred and Laurie with their son Jamie. We chatted for a bit and they found it pretty synchronicitous that I happened to have a copy of the very book I gave to Fred in my bag on this circumstantial meeting. Since I also had my video camera in my bag, I bartered with their son to shoot his set in exchange for a CD.

What I find additionally miraculous is how wonderful a writer Jamie Z is. Although I’ve been trying to write and talk about why I’m doing what I’m doing with this most recent adventure of mine, Jamie’s song Make Me really hits the nail on the head as to where I’m coming from. I hope you like the song and appreciate this wonderfully creative intelligence we call Life.


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