Approaching my mid life crisis…

For the next month, things may get a little strange around here at InkenSoul. Not only is it the 10 year anniversary of the genesis of The Rucksack Letters, but I’ll be turning 40 in less than a month now so it will be interesting to see what a mid life crisis looks like on me. For my quarter life crisis, I took off for Alaska, which set the stage for a serious case of wanderlust. The way things are shaping up, the next phase is going to be very interesting indeed.

Obviously, what with my pending divorce and release of the capitalist system, I am going through some changes in my life right now. Also, through the course of the last ten years, there have been changes that I’ve wanted to make, but haven’t found the strength or fortitude to actually make them yet. They’ve been a constant sore spot for me, but I’ve refused to let them go. Nevertheless, if I’m going to let go of capitalism and try to inspire others to do the same in order to make way for a brighter future, I’ve also got to be willing to let go of old habits that aren’t working for me on a personal level as well. And that’s just never easy.

I’ll keep you abreast on how things go.

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