Who I Am

I had the pleasure a few months ago to be a guest on the Conscious Discussions Podcast hosted by Lillian Brummet. It was probably my fourth or fifth radio interview, but Lillian is my favorite host to date. She asked pertinent questions, always staying on the path of her theme, but building upon my answers to really make me explore dimensions that I hadn’t previously considered.

One of the questions that she asked was about how I see myself. This is how I answered the question “Who is Steve?”

I’ve called myself a Renaissance Man for quite awhile now and am finding ways to act out this role for effectively with each passing day. Recently, I constructed a website that shares a little bit about who I am, why I do what I do, what I can do for you, and how we can help one another. Some of it is a bit tongue in cheek, but that’s just the way I roll. I like to have fun with life whatever I may be doing, from producing a video to washing the dishes.

Take a few moments to go to StevenMcAllister.net and see if there is a greater purpose for your reading these words and for the connection we have already established.


Steve McAllister describes himself as a Renaissance Man. An author, filmmaker, songwriter, and perpetual artistic experimenter, he has recently re-released his second book The Rucksack Letters into paperback to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the journey. A journey of ink and soul, the book recounts his year and a half trek through 26 states, exploring the underbelly of America in order to better know himself. A pivotal first step for a generation in search of a new direction, The Rucksack Letters is available now. His latest book is How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.


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