Why I'm Retitling My Latest Book

A few years ago, someone sent out a hoax press release saying that my book The McAllister Code, a fictional approach to marketing about two aliens who wanted to turn Sarasota into a marketing mecca, had been picked up for publication and was an Amazon best seller. I did my best to ignore it, but I liked the idea so much that I eventually broke down and wrote the book. Unfortunately, the final product, based more on what I felt inclined to communicate to the world about higher consciousness and appreciating deeper values in life than our society currently cherishes, was vastly different than the original premise of the book.

It’s not that I don’t believe that Sarasota is capable of becoming a “marketing mecca” as the original email suggested. I believe that Sarasota, as with any community or individual, can become whatever it wants to be. However, it is of greater importance to me that my community, Sarasota and beyond, market something better than a mere product or service that perpetuates our present economic situation.

I feel that we are at a pivotal time in history. Our political landscape is disastrous, filled with lusty ambition from the participants and apathy, anger, and despair from those on the fringes. Our economic system, plagued by deception, greed, and inequality, is teetering to the point that the Prepper movement has reached an all time high, with people stockpiling food and ammunition in preparation for the coming apocalypse. For those with open eyes and a sense of purpose in the world, it is apparent that the world is changing. The question is, can we change enough to create a life of abundance through this revolution, or will we go down with the vessels that can no longer contain what the world needs?

It is my hope that the words in my most recent book, as well as those which have come before and follow after, will provide some insights as to how we can embrace the changes that are happening around us and realize them as the gifts they are. Developed from a myriad of cultural paradigms, the book was never designed to be about me, but about us. As such, I think I have done a poor job of achieving the original intent of the book. So I am giving it a new name.

Although The McAllister Code has been released as a Limited Edition Advanced Copy, I have never really liked the title all that much. For one, I am already too often accused of being little more than an ego-obsessed fame junkie to release a book with my name in the title. Secondly, I really don’t want to offer up such a blatant rip-off of The DaVinci Code. Thirdly, this whole thing was started as a hoax, and while I am thankful to the as-yet-unnamed trickster, I feel that actually writing the book is honor enough, and I need not try to make a prophet of him any more than I need to make a further ass of myself.

So I am going to be releasing this particular book under a new title. Currently, I am going by the working title of How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld (and what’s on the other side): A Guide to Being. I’m still open to other suggestions, but I think it has a nice ring to it.

Until the new title is released, you can still get the Limited Edition Advanced Copy of The McAllister Code.


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