Stepping Out on The Unbroken Path

Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated with the concept of religion and philosophical understanding. Raised in the Lutheran church and attending a Baptist school, the majority of my early training stemmed from the Bible. However, as many have done in this generation, I found myself lacking an essential connection to the message that was espoused through my religion and the practical application of it. In short, the hypocrisy started getting to me so I left my faith… or at least my belief system.

Since then, I’ve continued to hold on to a faith in a Greater Intelligence, and because of that, I have continued to seek the ways in which that Intelligence has spoken through the variety of cultures, religions and paradigms that I have studied. As I have travelled my way and seen what I have seen, it has been a remarkable thing to notice the thread of truth which underlies all of man’s attempts to explain his connection to this Greater Intelligence most commonly referred to as God. I call this thread The Unbroken Path.

About ten years ago, when I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, I really started to search much harder for what my purpose was and how these traits that seemingly made me a failure in the eyes of society could be used as strengths. As a man of faith, I couldn’t just give myself over to the idea that I was neurologically impaired and unfruitful. There had to be a reason that so many people were beginning to think just like me. There had to be a logical explanation for this influx of people with ADD.

It is simple enough to blame it on television or diet or a number of other societal maladies. However, I’m not interested in finding blame. I’m interested in finding solutions. What I have found is that the reason that so many people are thinking in such a scattered and impulsive way these days is because that is what society is in need of right now.

Now more than ever, we need free thinkers. We need those people who can move beyond our current paradigms and find ways to change the world. The Unbroken Path is a way for me to explore how we can make these shifts. I see it as a way to think outside of the box while still valuing and appreciating the box. As we make these astounding progressions based upon our technological advancements and societal connections, let us not forget where we came from and be thankful for the path which led us to this point.

Steve McAllister


Steve McAllister is an actor, musician, accomplished author, filmmaker, and the man behind Your Daily Groove at Modern Hippie Mag. His most recent novel, The McAllister Code is available now as a Limited Edition Advanced Copy paperback. Find Steve on Twitter, @InkenSoul. Read his reviews and articles here.

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