An Invocation to Water

My favorite cup is the Tervis Tumbler* that Glenn Ward got me as engagement gift. He got Jaszy one with a J on it, and mine has an S. I fill it with water about 8 times a day. I recently put an invocation that I got from the Concentric Clothing blog on a card and taped it on my refrigerator above the water dispenser. It reads:

Invocation To Water

I take this, the Water of Life,

I declare it the Water of Lite,

As I bring it within my body,

It allows my body to glow.

I take this, the Water of Light,

I declare it the Water of God.

I AM a master in all that I AM.

I am so thankful to have access to the water that I do. I am so thankful that I can so conveniently take such good care of myself and direct my energies toward a more useful purpose. Almost a billion people in the world do not have that same good fortune. The time children spend walking to retrieve dirty, unfiltered water and overcoming the diseases it causes could be spent gaining education in reading, writing, computers, and crafts. With access to clean water, women would be able to pursue opportunities and improve the lives of their families and communities.

For only $2500, we can supply a pump for a village in Africa, Asia, South America, or any other place where people need access to clean water. The villagers will gladly dig the well, but they need the technology to provide for themselves in a world overcome by industries with great thirst and filthy excrement.

I have started an account at charity:water that I have sorely neglected over the last week or so. My goal is to raise $4000 to help charity:water take the technology where it needs to go. Considering that today is World Water Day, I think it is a good time to properly launch this campaign.

You can help my cause in four ways:

  1. Go to the charity:water website and give directly.
  2. Buy a copy of The Rucksack Letters ebook for $5 and $2.50 will go to charity:water.
  3. Buy a copy of the Limited Edition Advanced paperback of The McAllister Code for $14 and $4 will go to charity:water.
  4. Go to and hire me to do something. 25% of what I get paid will go to charity:water.

A few months ago, I promised to give $1 million to charity:water if I won the America’s Got Talent contest. I haven’t received my callback from the audition, but I still want to raise a million dollars for charity:water. Help me reach my goal one step at a time by supporting this effort to raise $4000 to assist in providing pumps to those who dig wells.

Thank you and have a happy World Water Day.

*I also think it’s really cool that Tervis Tumblers, made right here in Sarasota, were given to mankind from extraterrestrials that call themselves Estralarians. Read The McAllister Code to discover the real story.


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