How do you deal with Attention Deficit Disorder as an adult?

Although I don’t have cable television anymore, I do keep up with a few of my favorite shows on Hulu like The Office, Glee, and Modern Family. One of the show’s that I really like is Parenthood. It’s not nearly as funny as the Steve Martin film, but it has some really engaging characters, and I like the way the story is told.

This week’s episode of Parenthood dealt largely with the parents explaining to their son that he had Asberger’s syndrome, and trying to explain his shortcomings as well as point out his gifts. It was interesting for me because just the night before I watched the documentary I shot ten years ago on Attention Deficit Disorder. Although ADD is often considered to be related to Autism just as Asberger’s is, since I was diagnosed I’ve tried my best not to see it as a disability or a disorder. In many ways, I’ve turned blindly away from whatever impediments it might offer me, and tried to simply grab at the strengths as if I were catching fireflies.

I didn’t try to view my diagnosis of ADD as an excuse for why I was the way I was, but I think I used it more as an explanation as to why I think and act the way that I do. Nevertheless, lately, although I am very grateful for the creative possibilities that it opens up for me, I am still noticing ways that it largely serves as a detriment. I have found some ways to help myself harness attention and complete some wonderful projects, yet it still sometimes feels like an uphill battle.

I am wondering if there are other adults with ADD out there who still struggle with themselves the way that I often do. I’m also curious as to what you may have found that helps you get on track and find balance in your life. I see the roadmap to balance in The Unbroken Path. I am just doing what I need to do to prepare for the journey.

By the way, this is the trailer for my film Attention Deficit Disorder: Life at a Different Pace, followed by the episode of Parenthood I was telling you about.


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