Thank you for being a friend

As the world of social media has been exploding in the world around me and I have begun to make connections through it, it has been thrilling for me to become much more community minded. Over the last few years, I’ve been working a third shift job at the hospital attending to people with mental health problems. Add that to the fact that the money I make from selling my hours does not quite cover the meager living extravagances I’ve come to appreciate – like food, water, gas, and housing – and the result is that I don’t get out much.

Yet for me, and I’m sure many others around this world, this new use of the technology we’ve been given has made me realize how much I’ve missed human connection. And it seems that the more energy I put into using the technology, the more my actual human relations start to blossom. Ok, so maybe that’s common sense, but I’ve always been a bit of a late bloomer.

Anyway, the point is that I am very glad to have this portal and thankful for all of those who consider themselves my friends. I hope that we continue to use it in ways that will bring us closer together as a community.

As part of that, in anticipation of my book The McAllister Code finally making it to paperback, I want you to have a free download of the ebook. Click here to get your free download now.


Steve McAllister is an actor, musician, accomplished author, filmmaker, and the man behind Your Daily Groove at Modern Hippie Mag. His most recent novel, The McAllister Code is available as an e-book at and will be available in paperback on 1/11/11. Find Steve on Twitter, @InkenSoul. Read his reviews and articles here.


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