The Audacity of Democracy

In trying to wade through the political mechanism created to run America it is apparent that the two party’s are primarily the same. In the grand scheme of life, we’re all the same. Down to the construction of our DNA, the helixes for any given person aren’t all that different. Spinning up that helix back to the political process at hand, each of the parties in question are still part of the same broken machine and probably don’t do a whole lot to successfully achieve the tasks we hope they will. But the platforms are different. And as shallow as that may seem, that is the only differentiation between the two parties. So call me shallow, or call me deluded, or deceived, or whatever you want, but I must make my decisions based on the variations that are given me, lest black and white truly become gray matter.

I don’t vote for Republicans on the national level primarily because they have been usurped by the Religious Wrong, they still think that the Iraq War was a good idea, they want to spend even more money on developing nuclear weapons that they say we will never use, they still harp on the fact that Roe vs. Wade is in effect instead of focusing their human rights agendas on more pertinent situations, they too often attempt to legislate morality thereby usurping the free will and grace of God, they pander incessantly to corporations and take vile recourses to achieve their places in the highest pantheon of capitalism where the dollar is truly the god in which we trust.

I can’t speak for all Democrats, but I like Obama because he was against this war from the get go and because I read his book. He has faith, but is not overtly religious…. And that’s all for now.

I’m registered as an independent. I probably should just own up to the fact that we’re living in a two party system and register as a Democrat so I can vote in the primaries, but I have an ethical dilemma with taxpayers paying for private party’s decision processes. The idealist in me still believes in a better way and hopes for a true democracy. Nevertheless, perhaps I should just keep hope alive by grounding myself in reality and accept it as a brick paving the way to a better future.

Then again, maybe I should buck the system and let cynicism rule, remaining gleefully buoyant in the bliss of my ignorance and irresponsibility.

We have a broken, antiquated, two party system. Honestly, my vote for Democrats is a vote against Republicans because I don’t have a lot of faith in what is currently passing for a democratic system in the United States of America. Truth be told I don’t have a lot of faith in the Democratic Party, which is why I am registered independent. And I abhor most of what the Rethuglican party stands for.

However, I do have faith in the spirit of man, and upon reading Barack Obama’s book, I did see evidence of strong moral character and leadership ability.

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