Proactive Democracy?

Regarding the Circle of Influence/Circle of Concern idea proposed by Stephen Covey in relation to our foreign affairs. Is the implementation of democracy in Afghanistan or Iraq, or any other country for that matter, in America’s Circle of Concern or our Circle of Influence? How effective can we really be at forcing people into accepting a government that they much run after so much time of the government being run for them? Should democracy be attained by the people for whom it will serve and not given to them?

Look at the difference between a college student who has worked for his college tuition, either by hard work or earning a scholarship, and the college student whose way is paid by his parents at no cost or sacrifice to himself. Generally, the student who had to work for it is much more studious, more driven, and more thankful for the opportunity. He will undoubtedly take a more active role in his education because he has been involved in earning it.

The state of democracy in America today is a testament to what happens when democracy is not worked for. Our democracy was given to this generation and it is largely taken for granted. Today, roughly 70% of the population doesn’t bother to vote. How much higher would that number be if we had our democracy taken away from us and had to fight to take it back?

Then again, considering that the personhood of the corporation has now purchased our system, we might actually find out the answer to that question soon than we think.


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