The Kingdom of Heaven Is At Hand

I’ve seen so many Christians consumed with End Time prophecies the way others are consumed with alien attacks and crop circles. Most every cult ever formed was based on End Time prophecy and believing whatever one has to in order to save one’s own ass. Where do we draw the line between the breath of God and our own imaginations?
The present, the experiences that God has put before us, will always, in truth, hold more sway than the past or future, for the present is the only place we have some semblance of control. Better a bird in the hand than two in the bush. And religion – the search for meaning through mysticism, laws, and the stories of the past and future – is nothing more than our attempt to discover what kind of nest is being built in the bush. The Kingdom of Heaven is the bird in your hand.

This is an excerpt of The Rucksack Letters by Steve McAllister. Buy your copy of the eBook on

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