Does Glenn Beck Have a Dream or a Nightmare?

Although I disagree with just about everything that comes out of his mouth, and though he didn’t remember the date himself, I have to thank Glenn Beck for reminding me about the 47th anniversary of Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech in Washington. It so happens that Mr. Beck has scheduled his own rally against the government on the exact spot where Dr. King beseeched the government for civil rights all those years ago.

Beck says the day is not political, it’s about restoring what once made the country great.”We have a shortage of character. We don’t even know how to teach it to our children anymore. We’re running low on personal responsibility. We’ve got a loss of integrity, a loss of shame in this country, a loss of principles and values. We’ve lost our way because we have lost God….We’ve lost our honor. We must restore our honor first, our principles.”

This may be one of the few things Mr. Beck has said that I actually agree with… at least in part. Although I agree that we have a shortage of character and must restore our principles, I think that we probably disagree on what those principles actually are. Mr. Beck is the Fox News commentator who has continuously tried to rally religious believers to leave churches who further the cause of social justice, as in caring for the poor and ensuring civil rights for all. While he says “we have lost God,” his attempts to dissuade God’s followers from actually following through on the teachings of Jesus don’t seem like a likely path toward the principles that need restoration.

Although Mr. Beck may be standing on the same steps as Dr. King, he will never fill his shoes.


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