The Long Complex Relationship between Christians and Witches

As I understand it, witchcraft, the influencing of nature by learning and understanding how to best use its flow, dates back over 35,000 years. It involves looking to nature for signs, yielding when necessary, and following patterns that have been all but lost in modern civilization. It is a Maternalist religion based on the goddess, as opposed to the god, where women are the ones who lead the ceremonies and communities and are consulted for their wisdom. So, even before the dawn of Christianity, the Paternalist religions proclaimed this witchcraft business to be evil, a card it has continually been dealt in the shuffle of time. Once Constantine converted Rome to the religion of their slaves, Christianity pitted the Roman Empire against Nature and her religions. Nature was cursed as the enemy for it was the harbinger of our great fall. And so we killed the messenger.
The forced acceptance of Jesus’ love brought on through bloodshed and murder pushed Paganism into an underground religion where it has remained entrenched in mystery and misunderstanding for thousands of years. Christianity has been using dogma as a defense mechanism ever since to account for these sins afflicted. Millions of women killed in the name of Jesus. How do you admit you were wrong after that and so much time? How do you ask for forgiveness?

This is an excerpt of The Rucksack Letters by Steve McAllister. Buy your copy of the eBook on


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