I spent the other night at a commune called Zendik Farm, which touts, among their philosophies, an idea called “Creavolution,” an amalgam of creativity and evolution whereby those who live the ideal have greater control of the person they become. I’d thought much about this idea before I even knew there was a name for it, and upon hearing more about the commune’s founder, Wulf Zendik, the more interested I became.
Matt picked me up at Todd’s and drove me to the commune on Monday, and I was immediately welcomed by getting the wonderful privilege of shaving the bark off of logs. We saw two guys doing it when we came up the driveway and even stopped to ask them for directions. I remembered thinking what a peculiar task it was. Twenty minutes later, I dropped my backpack off at the bunkhouse and was right alongside them. As we talked about communal living, and I got my first taste of the philosophies of Zendik, it occurred to me that this was the life I was creating for myself. As it was, the logs would become a sign to herald a welcome to the Community.
At Zendik Farm, fewer than fifty people populate the 200+ acres of North Carolina hillside, spending their days caring for the animals, the gardens, and the several buildings which create, for the most part, a self-sustaining community. Working between six and eight hours a day alongside the people they live with, they are given more time, energy, and help to put into their personal relationships, growth, and artistic ventures, which are sold on weekly road trips to pay for the remaining costs of taxes, food, and utilities.
I’m not quite becoming a devotee, and only stayed at the commune for one night, but the idea of taking a more active role in the person I become astounds me. All of us, in some way or another, make choices every day that affect who we become, but how much of what we do is actually who we are?

This is an excerpt of The Rucksack Letters by Steve McAllister. Buy your copy of the eBook on


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