Why I do what I do…

I watched this video the other morning and was really impressed with the subject. I’m always thankful when I am able to see things from a different perspective. Anyway, the guy who gives the speech, Simon Sinek, talks about How Great Leaders Inspire Action. That is, after all, what I hope to do by putting out these words. It is the next facet of the holy trinity. Thought, word, and deed. So I was very glad to be able to see this at just the right time.

Simon says that the great leaders, the true innovators, are such because, as they communicate what they do, they start with why they do it, then discuss how they do it, and finally discuss what they do. The point he makes is that people are much more motivated by something or someone they believe in. “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

Please find 18 minutes to watch it. There is some fantastic information in it.

So for me, this is why I do what I do…

I feel a growing revolution in conscious living, social marketing, environmental sustainability, and abounding creativity. This revolution was put in motion by a pulse that has been felt from generation to generation. From my perspective, the last one started with the Beats, climaxed with the Civil Rights Movement, and crashed with the Hippies. As this current movement has gained momentum for more than a decade starting with Generation X, this new wave is nearing its first tipping point. Following the Agricultural, Industrial, and Information Revolutions, I believe that this development is the next great step for mankind. I believe that by aligning these various aspects of the four pillars of our community – conscious living, social marketing, environmental sustainability, and abounding creativity – with the four aspects our being – mind, heart, body, and spirit – we will usher in the Age of Wisdom.

This is how I do what I do…

By realizing the beautiful connectedness of all ideas and how they can be put together, I produce words in various orders so that they may become manifest in action to help others also see the connection.

This is what I do. I communicate the vision of my heart with the people who feel the same beat and I inspire them to share their vision with others in order for the vision to grow and for the world to see a new reality.

As I’ve seen glimpses of this vision over the last few years, part of what would make me stumble was constantly asking, “but how do I make money?” Here I am, years, months, and days later, and I might ask myself how Twitter makes money. I still have no idea, but I do know that the men who put it together have no financial need for a long time to come. The guy who invented Twitter didn’t come up with what he could do. He came up with how to accomplish a desire of his heart. He first answered “why” instead of “what.”

Why did he create Twitter? Because he wanted a more efficient way to keep in touch with his friends and family. How did he do it? By developing a way to send a text message from a phone to the Internet. What did he do? He completely revolutionized the way we communicate with each other.

This is also what I hope to do. However, though it doesn’t take long to write about the “why” of what I do what I do, it’s going to take a bit longer to fully communicate the “how” so that we can fully comprehend the “what.”


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