Change is in the Stars

Now, I’ve never been one to give much credence to horoscopes and the like, but upon the expansion of my faith into the realm of possibilities and away from the theories that I have so long believed to be the one and only truth, I’ve decided not to limit God with what I believe. My years in the Church taught me little about the ways God can speak outside of the Holy Bible and the still, small voice one may occasionally hear on bended knee. Astrology was seen as witchcraft – to be avoided as sin like alcohol, whorehouses, and soap operas. In different times than these, in different places than where I am, it was spoken of as evil, or it was not spoken of at all.
Never did I understand that the magi who brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the baby Jesus were astrologers themselves. Nor did I understand the implication of a new star created to herald Jesus’ birth as an event worthy of recognition in more than the human consciousness. When I think about it now, doesn’t the idea of such communication among the cosmos make it remotely possible that God could use the stars to tell us other things as well? For so long, it seemed forbidden for me to even consider that the One who hung the starts could have possibly put them into a pattern – an age-old chart attesting the past, present, and future of the third rock from the sun.
It may be my imagination, idealism run amuck, but as these orbits align, I can feel the tension mounting. Or that may just be the crick in my neck from sleeping on Matt’s sofa. Be it a causal effect or a proclamation, I do not know, but it’s myopic to think that our current situation is not at all related to our neighbors’. As the revolutions of the earth around the sun, and the moon around the earth, bring us night, day, summer, and winter, is it not possible that further rotations of other celestial bodies synchronize with energies beyond space and time to resources as mysterious and uncharted as the planets representing them?
Do I really think great change is coming? Hell, yeah, I do. I’m just searching for answers beyond what I already think I know – measuring truth in theories, questioning my beliefs, and trusting more in my intuition. It’s possible I’ll never find the answers I’m looking for, but it won’t be for a lack of looking.

This is an excerpt of The Rucksack Letters by Steve McAllister. Buy your copy of the eBook on

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