The Supreme Crown of Kabbalah

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In Kabbalistic teachings, the mystical aspect of Judaism, the actual being of God is beyond understanding. However, he is represented by a collection of traits known as the sefirot into what is commonly called the Tree of Life. There are ten sefirot that make up the Tree of Life, each of them playing off of each other in triads and as methods of achieving balance as phases of God revealing Himself to man. They are the building blocks of creation, the archetypes of existence, the traits of God, and the primary values of the world.

The Ten Sefirot are
Keter (will)
Chochmah (wisdom)
Binah (understanding)
Chesed (sometimes referred to as Gedolah or Gedulah) (mercy or loving kindness)
Gevurah (sometimes referred to as Din (justice) or Pachad (fear)) (severity or strength)
Tiferet (harmony or beauty)
Netzach (victory)
Hod (glory or splendour)
Yesod (power or foundation)
Malkuth (kingdom)

Keter Elyon is the highest of the Sefirot and the one from which all of the others are formed. It is understood to be beyond all existence and is nonetheless the cause of all existing things. It is the hidden potentiality of divine wisdom before it is revealed. It is called the Supreme Crown and represents Will, that which inspires creation even before thought.

Will is the greatest power that we have. When we realize our will, we begin to conjure and manifest ways with which to achieve our goals. Through our will, all of the other aspects of our soul are brought into alignment to meet our desire.

Keter, or will, is most fully explained in the quote, “the end is buried in the beginning.” For within the will is the vision of its goal, and it generates every aspect necessary to achieve it.

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