Set This House in Order

Matt Ruff is a really great writer. I just finished his book ‘Set this house in order’. It was about two people with Multiple Personality Disorder. I learned a lot about myself. At any given time, I may be filling one or two of dozens of roles as a Person, as a Community Member, as a Servant, and as an Artist. Currently, I’m a Writer describing to you the character you have met and the multitude of people that live in the body he assumes. Let us assume that this character is like a house. (Thank you, Matt Ruff).

On the first floor, this particular character has a screening room, there are several seats of all shapes and sizes, and new ones are added every day because they each provide a different perspective of what actually occurs in the House of Steve. There is also a great kitchen, expandable dinner table, living room, board room, den, library, and a wonderful view.

On the second floor, there are a number of studios that house the various artists that frequent the downstairs area. There is a Filmmaker and a Writer, obviously. There is also a guitar strummer, a singer, and a drummer (They’re thinking of forming a band, but they’re waiting for a bassist), then there’s a Sculptor (whose last great piece crumbled before he could get it molded and he hasn’t been the same ever since), then there’s the Teacher (who pretty much just rearranges the seats downstairs while he’s waiting for students to arrive). Then, of course, there’s the Student who seems like he’s quite a know-it-all, but is actually just very excited about pleasing his mentor, the Teacher. The Student lives next to the Photographer who had a Pentax stolen several years ago, then dropped his Canon while hopping trains in New Mexico, and hasn’t gotten a new one yet.

The Publisher has a corner studio with a bay window, but he is so behind in all that’s one his desk, he doesn’t have time to look out of it very often. Across the way in the far corner is the Producer. He’s been underground for a while and had to go take a sabbatical but he has a new film called ‘The Film Vault’ that the writer gave him, so he’s ready to pounce. The Actor is gearing up for on original play called ‘Hay Day’ by Jenny Beres. He’s excited about it because it’s his first true straight play, after playing the title role in ‘Hank Williams: Lost Highway’. The Editor just finished a film that the Actor worked on a couple of years ago called ‘Yearning for Light’. You can watch is at

The Politician has been quit for awhile because he was bludgeoned to the point of hopelessness by the last administration, but he is pretty hopeful now and is starting to speak out more. His last campaign involved teaming with the Filmmaker on ‘Lesson Learned’ and then supporting the Obama campaign. He shares a suite with the Environ-mentalist, who is always thinking up new ways for the house to go green and trying to convince the others to go along with it. He and the Politician don’t always get along.

The Painter just finished some really cool chairs that are on sale at Everything But the Girl on Central Avenue in Sarasota. The Marketer is working with the Writer to develop ‘The McAllister Code’ a serial novel about how aliens turned Sarasota into a Marketing Mecca. They’ve all just been waiting on the Designer to get the website going.


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