Seeking Mental Health

After years of turmoil over my battle with what is commonly referred to as Attention Deficit Disorder, I have finally decided to look once again at my diagnosis and take adequate steps toward its treatment. When I was first diagnosed in early 2001, I decided to slough off the criticisms of those who said I was disordered and jump fully into my strengths, taking off on a cross country adventure to survive by my wits and pen alone. Having completed the manuscript for ‘The Rucksack Letters’, I settled in Los Angeles thinking that the mass of stimulation would give me a suitable environment to celebrate my differences with the rest of the world.

Finding myself facing the same me that I left with, I met with speculative successes and soon returned home to Sarasota where I have faced the same trials, changed only by time. As it is defined, insanity is repeating the same actions again and again and expecting different results. So I have finally gotten myself to the point of accepting the idea that this phenomenon known as Attention Deficit Disorder has truly brought about the stigma of insanity in me.

Nevertheless, I still refuse to allow this diagnosis to bring me down for I will be hard pressed to allow my mind’s relationship to the world around me and the world within to destroy me. Having returned to a community that loves and supports me, I realize where I stand now. Having published ‘The Rucksack Letters’ and taken part in some truly wonderful creative endeavors of word, music, and film, I realize the strengths I have to offer. And having encouraged people to reach their own successes, I realize the weaknesses that can be overcome by truly appreciating the strengths that coincide with it. Through all of this, I seek and accept full mental health.


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