Revisiting The Secret

The other night, I received a desire to see the film ‘The Secret’ again. I had seen it when it was first released through the Internet after a very savvy email campaign that had me guessing for months. Interestingly enough, after the simple contemplation of this film on the Law of Attraction the other night, I went to an associate’s house last night expecting a business meeting, but getting the viewing of the film I had desired.

The basic gist of the film is that you attract what you think about. For the last week, I have been struggling through a cold, and as I have continued to think about how sick I was, I have failed at relieving my ailment, and to this day am still blowing my nose at regular intervals. However, since seeing the film, I have visualized my healing, and as I write these words and live in the bliss of communication, there is a sense that I am getting better.

The idea behind the film is that our thoughts and our feelings are intertwined, and surely our emotions are simply our bodies’ reaction to our thoughts. So it seems truthful to say that our feelings could change our thoughts in the same way.

I have heard much cynicism over this film and the premise of the Law of Attraction. People have called it bunk and chimed in about the poor and destitute of the world and the sheer audacity of speculating that they are willingly creating that reality. However, I also realize that the easiest thing in the world to be is a cynic. To have faith necessitates a much greater strength. To assume what these poor souls were thinking before they came into this world to merit such tumultuous lifestyles would surely be more speculation that I wish to engage in at this time. But I can safely say that living in the mire of poverty does create an ongoing poverty mentality that is nearly impossible to break free from, for I have lived in it myself for longer than I care to indulge.

However, as the film points out, it is the attitude of gratitude that can break us free from these chains of lack and longing. I have seen in my own life how being grateful for what I have has brought me not only a sense of peace and joy amidst the suffering, but often more things for which to be grateful. At this moment in time, I am truly grateful for the capability to share these words to so many people through the gift of my own creativity and the world’s technology, and I have faith that more will come.


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