Can we try Democracy here first?

Is America truly a democracy? From the definition of democracy that I have come to embrace, it allows the general population the opportunity to take part in elections that create rules by which they are governed. And though in America we are given the opportunity to take part in elections that decide who governs us, we are not yet given the opportunity to take part in the actual laws. Instead, we do our best to select leaders that we assume will choose as we will choose. The problem with this system, however, is that we have now created a system that pigeon-holes our choices into two distinct parties, namely Democrat and Republican, or liberal and conservative. However, considering the choices that we are faced with in our current state of societal complexity is our system of democracy or republicanism still a viable means for creating a working government.
Given the advances in technology that we are now privy to, aren’t we able to create a new voting structure whereby citizens should be able to actually vote on issues instead of people that they hope will escape the lure of special interest groups and vote on their behalf? After all, for a good part of the votes taken in Congress, our elected officials don’t even show up. Couldn’t we reach this level of effectiveness by offering online citizen voting?
Imagine, for example, if instead of our elected officials convening and voting on whether or not we should go to war, we had them serve as educators on the pros and cons of the advance and allowed citizens to make the final choice on the internet by a Social Security number log in? Do you think that we would have still gone to war?


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