Who would Jesus bomb?

It is an inescapable truth that the “War in Iraq” in the Bush administration was sold to the people and abhorably supported by many members who claim to be followers of Christ. Since George W. Bush has professed to be a Christian, he has gained a rather blind following by several who line the pews. Especially in the first few years of his administration, after the attacks of 9/11/01, many Christians seemed to forget their allegiance to Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, in favor of their allegiance to the freedom offered to them through America, “God’s New and Improved Chosen Nation”. Is God glorified through nationalism? Is God glorified in unilateral bombing? Is God glorified when the church remains silent as people suffer so that those in power can gain more?

Think about the power that you possess as not only a representative of Christ, but also as a voting member of a democratic republic. And the next time you vote, consider very wisely what is best for your family, the country, and the world while praying for divine guidance.

In the meantime, you may want to go check out http://www.sojo.net to see how some other Christians view politics apart from the Religious Right.


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