Return with the Elixir of the Hero’s Journey

The reward that we bring with us is the elixir of heroism, which we drink now in sips or gulps, however called for. For each task we partake of, we commit ourselves to it, answering each call with not only the hope of finishing it adequately, but in doing it better than ever before because our ambition has taught us that the joy is in doing, and doing well. We relish each task as we appreciate the tools to complete it and the company we keep in the process, understanding the value in all things and practicing resourcefulness as religion. We dedicate ourselves to further service for we realize that the journey of the hero never ends. It has its highs and lows, trials and rests, climaxes and valleys. But it never ends.

It is with this knowledge that we serve as mentors for others on their journeys. As each of us rises to the level of hero, the collective of humanity rises with us. It is up to each of us to encourage our brothers and sisters in the knowledge we have gained and the experiences we have surmounted. It is up to us to help each other realize the hero in us all.

Make sure to follow the Hero’s Journey through The McAllister Code.


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