The Journey Home from the Hero’s Journey

When we are called to return home, to go back to the life we lived before our adventure, we are often reluctant. As we have dedicated ourselves to heroism, we can surely rationalize how the doldrums of our old lives would do nothing to contribute to our new way of thinking and new mode of living. However, with a deep breath of contemplation, we realize that the journey of the hero is not in our outside endeavors, but in our hearts where our valor and the convictions of our conscience create the characters we truly are.

So we return to the life we once knew, but we don’t return to the same type of living. There is a simultaneous spring in our step and purpose in our gait. There is a newfound interest in everything that we have seen before, as if we are seeing it for the first time. And indeed, we are seeing the place again for the first time. Because we are new creatures, wiser, stronger, and more able than ever before.

There is the temptation to forget this and to truly return to life as it was before our victory. There is the temptation to look at the outward world, to see that nothing has changed in it, and to forget about the change that has occurred within us. We must remember that who we are lies within and emanates from there. As we return to the world we once knew, let us bring the change they are longing for.

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