The Dedication of the Hero’s Journey

Throughout our journey, we have developed an addiction to our own heroism. It’s not a bad thing. But as when we faced our demons and came out of our cave on the other side, we were reborn into a new creature, and the life that emanated from us in that moment brings with it an irresistible drive to continue on with it through the succession of minutes that will comprise the rest of our lives. In order to accomplish this task of living in a continued state of heroism, we must dedicate ourselves to it.

Though we have completed our initial course, we will be eternally ready to stand as the heroes that we have become. We hold victory in our hearts and will accept nothing less in any venture that comes our way. We dedicate ourselves to heroism. We dedicate ourselves to valor. We dedicate ourselves to excellence.

Make sure to follow the Hero’s Journey through The McAllister Code.


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