Resurrection of the Hero’s Journey

After we seize the sword on our Hero’s Journey and find ourselves as the heroes we knew we were capable of becoming, we are reborn as new creatures, ones that we had one day only imagined. Having died to the selves that came before, we understand even the power that Christ showed us, as we are resurrected from our deaths and brought to a New Life.

Emerging from the cave with our sword in hand, we now wear the epaulets of the hero, and we are no longer the creatures we were when we went into the cave. We have killed ourselves. We have been born again. We realize that holding to the past and the demons therein that clamored for us to remain with them was death for us. By killing that part of ourselves, letting go of the old, we have allowed for the opportunity to embrace life, and made room for the new.

In our new role, we stand ready to face all of life’s challenges. Though we have finished one journey, we must embark on yet another, and another after that, each time vanquishing the inner demons and outer challenges that face us, forever realizing that we are more than conquerors. In each task we accomplish, we are born anew, with new knowledge, new skills, and new abilities to better achieve the next goal.

Make sure to follow the Hero’s Journey through The McAllister Code.


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