Fight Club and The Irresistible Revolution

Whenever someone asks me about my favorite movies, Fight Club is always at the top of the list. The script, the acting, the story, the directorial style, the twist, and the layers of messages transcend what I would call a good film. Though Seven was very good, and I enjoyed Alien 3 and Panic Room, I contend that it is David Fincher’s finest work.

Taking a poignant look at manhood in America , the film goes right to the heart of society in general. From the stabbing jabs at materialism and ego, the film casts a glaring light misogynistic way that we delude ourselves into happiness by the things that we own, and even more so by the missions that we impart.

I found it interesting that this film would be chosen as the month’s view along with The Irresistible Revolution, as they are seemingly polar opposites on the way to conduct one’s life in the new millennium. A revolution of violence versus a revolution of peace. However, I found a huge similarity in the mention of what the biblical book of Leviticus called the Year of Jubilee.

By Judaic standards, every fifty years, all property should go back to zero, which was exactly the ultimate plan of Tyler Durden and his group of miscreants as they planned to blow up the credit card office buildings. In the Year of Jubilee, all debts are forgiven, all records erased, and the community stands together as they rebuild their society. In a similar way, the adherents of Project Mayhem sought to destroy the financial debt record, taking everyone to the same credit score and putting everyone on the same level of play.

I think the important point to take from the idealistic message of both is the view of others as equals and the release of possessions as marks of greatness or worth. It would seem that forgetting ourselves and all that we have learned in an errant society may just be the best way to learn who we really are.

That’s a fight worth picking.


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