Making Revolution Irresistible

When I think about a film such as An Inconvenient Truth, which bludgeons us in the face with an apocalyptic fate, it would be easy to look at the statistics and the tangent reality of the situation with complete and utter despair. And surely, should we continue on in the mindset of gloom and doom, the world will continue on in that path of destruction. But if we look at actionable ideas that can facilitate change in the current trends of ecological disaster and glorify in the possibilities of the evolution of our practices toward a healthier tomorrow, what could the possible outcome be?

Jesus said, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Movements such as the Church of Religions Science and Science of Mind have seen the metaphysical underpinnings of this idea and stuff their consciousness with ideas of their own inner divinity in the hope of being the change they wish to see in the world. Spiritual teachers like Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer have stated that the direction of your mind, where you place your attention, gives energy to the focal point. What a man thinks, so is he, and what a man thinks of his brother, so is he.

Where I believe the contemporary Church, by which I mean the mindset of mankind that holds that God stopped speaking to the world once the canonical Bible was first published, has hit a glitch is that it has found passages of the Bible which speak of the wickedness and evil of the human heart and not proceeded to the truth of the words of Jesus. If the Bible were a record, the evil that men do is where it is skipping, replaying the same old diatribe again and again, never reaching the bridge of the song that proclaims the truest melody.

Surely, one can look around at the media portrayal of humankind, and even its lush history, and see without a question of a doubt that wickedness and evil abide in the hearts of man. However, upon closer inspection, with eyes seeking for goodness and unselfishness, these things can be found as well. The portions are not meager, just not as largely exploited and celebrated.

At the onset of the war in Iraq, I took part in demonstrations against the war, and it would seem that my outspokenness and the rallying cries of those who joined with me only spurred on our government’s resolve to fight. Even now, faced with opposition from the Iraq War Council and a Democratic Senate, President Bush is still pushing harder to put even more troops into his battle for peace through violence. And though achieving peace through violence is as likely as making ice cubes in the oven, voices of opposition stir up a lot for a man who is striving to save face.

As I watched George W. Bush giving his address the other night, his shoulders seemed a little low and his face a fair bit drawn. He looked like a sad man beaten down. He looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders and was taking a last graceful breath of fortitude before he can completely blame this all on somebody else and die as a hero a few years from now.

I also see a man with a history of failed businesses. I see a man whose greatest career move was becoming the most killingest Governorl in the history of the state of Texas with more capital punishment deaths than any other Texas Governor. Yes, a man with a taste for violence has always got a career in the Unites States of America.

But I want to see men with careers of peace. Above the violence portrayed by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and David, beyond the temptations of Satan and his criminal likeness to the human ego, beyond the confines of race, creed, and nationality, I want to see men who actively pursue the higher consciousness of Christ.

And I am seeing them. Jim Wallis, the writer of ‘God’s Politics’, also publishes a magazine called ‘Sojourners’. In these pages, and in the call from books like ‘The Irresistible Revolution’ by Shane Claiborne, we are seeing the changing face of contemporary Christianity from resolute Bible beaters reminiscent of Crusaders to humble servants with hearts for peace, social justice, forgiveness, and love. In the true revolution of Christ, many are called, but few are chosen.


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