What's Next? – A Memoir Toward World Peace

I’ve recently read Walter Mosley’s What Next? – A Memoir Toward World Peace and highly recommend its reading for all parties interested in the quagmire our country is now in and the possibility for redemption that stands before us. The creator of such delicious characters as Easy Rawlins and Fearless Jones delivers a poignant commentary on the state of our nation and its foreign policy, often citing the differences between democracy and capitalism that many of us often forget. Addressed to the African American population, the 150 page book (which I read over the course of the day, but could easily be devoured in one sitting) puts forth the notion that if anyone can understand the plight of those who suffer under the military industrial complex, it is that segment of our society who for generations were seen as slaves and less than human. With great insight and lyrical writing, “What Next?” serves as a call to arms for all Americans to take a more active role in the activities of our country.


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