Welcome to the New Revolution

There is a revolution underway. It goes by many different names depending upon a person’s upbringing and station in life. It has been called the Rise of the Cultural Creatives, the Environmental Movement, a Spiritual Revival, the new Renaissance, and many other things. We have come to call it the Modern Hippie movement.

Though it is perceived differently by the subgroups of people taking part in the movement and by those on the outside looking in, it is heralded mostly by a growing awareness. It is defined by a choice to take a more active part in the collective life we are creating. It is a movement of conscious living.

The first Hippie movement brought an anti-authoritarian attitude that bucked the system, fought for peace, and found joy in the simpler things in life. Building upon the stamina created by the civil rights movement, this generation of rebels and dreamers all but defined the 1960’s. But alas, the rebellion eventually petered out and the dreams remained as only visions lost in the ether as many of its proponents gave up the fight and merged into the mainstream.

But the spirit of the movement, though it seemed vanquished, never truly died.

Four decades later, we look back past the caricatures of the tie-dyed pot smokers that have been portrayed to us over the years and see again the essence of what the movement was really all about. It was about caring for the environment. It was about helping your neighbor. It was about attaining world peace by attaining inner peace. It was about achieving social justice for all. It was about living simply and simply living.

That is the spirit we wish to celebrate at Modern Hippie Magazine. That is the revolution that is rolling our way once more.

We are constantly seeking creative answers to the questions that plague us. We are seeking a cleaner environment and healthier living in body, mind, and spirit. We are forging new paths apart from the antiquated methods which no longer serve the greater good. We are finding new opportunities to serve one another and build communities. We are realizing the potential to use new technologies to bridge gaps and to build a more solid foundation for the generations to come.

Forty years ago, this spirit seemed to die. We cannot let that happen again. Humankind has come too far to falter now. We, as a people, have developed revolutions based on agriculture, industry, and information. It is time for us now to come together and take part in the Revolution of Wisdom. Though we will surely find opponents to the good that we try to create, just as all revolutionaries have before us, there is a spirit in us that can never die and never be defeated. Let us hold dear to it, allow it to flow through us, and be created anew by it as it creates the world around us.

Welcome to the new Revolution.

For more information, go to www.modernhippiemag.com.

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