The Supreme Ordeal of the Hero's Journey

Upon conquering ourselves and mastering our own fears, we are faced with the challenge of manifesting them in the outer plane. Here is where the crux of our journey is brought to life. The Supreme Ordeal is to take the hero that resides within us and put him to action, squaring off against our most dangerous foe.

As we crossed the First Threshold, we thought ourselves as heroes. When we face our fears in the Inmost Cave, we wrote the name of Hero across our hearts. Facing the Supreme Ordeal, we turn our thoughts and words to deed.

In the culmination of life, one might say that the Supreme Ordeal is Death. And indeed, the Supreme Ordeal of the Hero’s Journey is death as well, for through this ordeal, we forever die to the person that we are and unequivocally leave the Ordinary World behind. Reaching the completion of the holy trinity of Thought, Word, and Deed, we create the actuality of Hero.

Make sure to follow the Hero’s Journey through The McAllister Code.


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