Facing the Inmost Cave on the Hero’s Journey

Progressing upon our Hero’s Journey, we come to a point where we must face our greatest fears, those which reside inside of us and have fooled us into thinking that they are actually a part of us. As we approach the climax, having conquered many a challenge, these specters return to us whispering their vile diatribe into our ears, filling our minds with doubt, and barraging us with attacks upon our self esteem. At the height of our journey, when we feel most strong, that is when we are most greatly attacked. And though we have glimpsed the hero within, we falter in the face of this new challenge.

However, the hero is not judged by how many times he falters, but by how many times he rises from it. Though we are attacked and assailed by every remnant of memory from times past that taught us bad lessons of our worthlessness, that attempt once again to overcome us with despair, the sword of our spirit has been sharpened and tempered. And in the inmost cave, where all of our worst fears conspire to overcome us, we stand brazen and bold, knowing without doubt that we surely do have the strength to overcome anything.

Even our greatest fears are without merit as False Evidence Appearing Real. It is here that we must realize the potential of Forgiveness as we apply it to the person that we were. It is here that we realize the true meaning of Reincarnation, as we are reborn from the ashes of our former selves. It is here that we realize Salvation, as we conquer the demons of our past with the full knowledge that even in our inmost cave, the Light of Truth shines brightly. We are, each of us, heroes inasmuch as we are capable of believing It to be.

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