The Resourcefulness of the Hero’s Journey

As we progress along our way in our quest for heroism, in finding our own virtue, valor, and value, we begin to see the value in those that share in our journey, in each and every aspect of it. Our allies are teachers and students, masters and servants. Our trials sharpen our senses and hone our skills. As we leave the life we knew behind, we appreciate the things that we had with a new fervor and begin to more greatly understand their usefulness.

With each new entity that rises to greet us, so comes a new assessment of worth. Just as we come to appreciate each aspect of our own being and see the merit in those that aid us, we find that each entity gleans a new type of resource. The understanding comes to us that with each challenge faced, the opportunities to conquer it lie hidden within the world around us, and our metamorphosis into the hero we imagine lies in seeing the resolution to the puzzle of resources before us.

For part of our journey toward heroism is the journey inward, where we find that still point in our souls that lets us know that all things are as they should be, giving us the innate ability to find the true, and as yet unseen, value in all things. With this great gift, we are able to truly appreciate the grand resourcefulness of life and the brilliant tapestry that comprises our journey through it.

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