The Ambition of the Hero’s Journey

In our initial call to adventure, we are called to strive toward the highest aspirations of ourselves to become the hero we have only dreamed of. When we meet our mentor, he inspires us to go beyond even our own preconceived notions and imaginations. Just as the valor that has brought our people thus far seems almost inconceivable, that which we are truly capable of can go beyond even that.

The mentor reminds us that though we may aim for the moon, we will at least fall among the stars. And so we are driven to fix our gaze even higher, surpassing our supposed pinnacles to heights we have yet to imagine.

This reaching is not done in vain under the auspices of fame and glory, but with the understanding that just as the lunges taken by those that have gone before us have propelled us further along, so will our leaps inspire those we love and for whom we fight to follow in the wake of our own victories and yet surpass us. The hero is not concerned solely in his own progress, but in the service it will offer to those who depend upon him and those who follow after.

Make sure to follow the Hero’s Journey through The McAllister Code.


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