Crossing the First Threshold of the Hero’s Journey

When we take that first step toward becoming the heroes we are called to be, it is truly one of faith, trusting that the courage which compels us to cross the First Threshold will be maintained throughout the rest of our journey. And though the specters will continue to whisper in our ear, deriding our sense of self worth and seeking to immobilize us with fear, we must trust in the strength that provided the impetus to take our first step.

Truly, that first step is the journey. It has been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In that step, the hero finds all of the hope, faith, and courage that he will need to complete the journey, provided he can maintain the impetus.

Crossing the First Threshold also opens us up to an all new world of possibilities. When we step out in faith and leave the life that we knew behind, with all of its securities, rules, and safeguards, we introduce ourselves to a new world. This world beyond the threshold of the old, having none of the securities, rules, and safeguards that defined the Ordinary World, offers us untold boundaries, unset limitations, and the freedom to blaze our own trails. When we this first step toward becoming what we are called to be, we step directly into our new being by becoming that which we have never been, a step closer to what we imagine.


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