The Call to Adventure of the Hero’s Journey

According the Joseph Campbell, the next stage in the Hero’s Journey, after he is established in the Ordinary World, is the Call to Adventure. In each of our lives, when we find ourselves in our own little comfort zones, we often get the opportunity to expand our reach to new endeavors. Be it a new relationship, a new project, or an actual journey, every day we are called to a new adventure. For those who live consciously, every day is an adventure.

In his interview with Bill Moyers on the Power of Myth program, Campbell stated that we needed a new mythology. Although we have multiple myths that are drawn from our legends and folklore, our religions and histories, and even our books, movies, and TV shows, it would seem that the influx of these stories has somewhat diluted the message as it has been spread all around us.

I think that we are at a point where it’s not that we need a new mythology, but we need to bring the mythology inward and realize that we are the heroes that we have been waiting for. Throughout our cultures we have told tales, written stories, and enacted adventures about other beings that have risen to heights of which we can only dream. But we have dreamed them. And the fact that we have created them means that we can attain them. This Hero’s Journey which has encased our consciousness is our story, and on some level, we have created a map to follow in order to become that which we dream of.

This is the new Call to Adventure. Not to necessarily write a new mythology, but to Become the new mythology. As we face this world we live in and the myriad of problems that comprise it, we are called to supply the answers to the very questions we are asking. Though the task before us may be daunting as we look out on a world ravaged by centuries of war, irresponsibility, hatred, and misuse, it is important that we realize that just as there is no up without a down, no right without a left, and no north without south, there is no problem without a solution, and no call without an answer.

In all of our stories and legends and prophecies, there must come a point where they intersect with reality. Our history is an image from our past. Our prophecies are images of our future. But our Lives must take the essence of them and culminate them into the moment of Now.

This is our new Call to Adventure. To become the heroes we have been waiting for.

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