The Ordinary World of the Hero’s Journey

According to Joseph Campbell, every Hero’s Journey begins in the Ordinary World. This involves the status quo that he faces every day. Luke Skywalker’s dirt farming on Tattooine. Frodo’s unremarkable life in the Shire. Neo’s oblivion to the Matrix. It is the place from whence we all come that compels us to where we must go.

The Ordinary World, though possibly filled with comfort and security, carries with it a banality that we know is not our full potential. We know there is more that we are capable of and we know that there is more that the world has to offer.

What is your Ordinary World? Perhaps you feel as if you are just going through the motions. Perhaps you feel unchallenged by your current profession. Perhaps you feel trapped. Perhaps you just have a deep knowing that there is more to life than you are presently experiencing.

Rest well in the knowledge that this is the first step of your Journey. Next comes the Call to Adventure.


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