What is a writer?

What is a writer? A friend of mine recently had a similar concern as he troubled himself over fitting into the definition as he masterly put together lyrics to two different songs he was working on simultaneously. He thought that a ‘real writer’ would have written more songs by this time in his life. It would have been something he had to do, and wouldn’t have sloughed it off like he had so many times in his life. I can speak candidly about this, because it is not dissimilar to how I have often felt. But though it does seem that life sometimes gets in the way or distracts from writing, the moments not spent with a pen in your hand are often just research for the times that are.

Ever hear of Harper Lee? She’s considered to be one of the greatest novelists of our time after publishing ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. Do you know how many other novels she wrote? None. She wrote one book and she is considered a legendary writer. It’s not quantity. It’s quality.


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