The Dedication of Artistry

In order to reach fruition, the Artist must have Dedication. Symbolized by Cups, Hearts, and Water, Dedication offers the unending stream of development through unwavering emotional health. As the growth of a flower requires the consistent application of Water, the Artist must continually feed himself with the flow of creativity.

Never must the Artist forget who he is and the vibrancy he brings to the world through giving from his Heart. This is the true chalice from which he drinks, a bottomless goblet of unyielding perseverance which promises that though the stream may slow to a trickle, the surge will come with the next tide.

The flow of emotional activity for the Artist ranges from elation to depression, but the Artist must find his balance, calm the floods and surf the waves until he finds that next stream of consciousness that yields the fruit of creativity. His loyalty must be to consistent flow of his Art.


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