The Resourcefulness of Artistry

The Artist, to continue his journey toward wholeness, must exude a certain amount of Resourcefulness. As with the colors of the palette, the Artist can create an elaborate portrait of meaning and beauty, so with the elements of his life must he establish his career and the vitality of his being.

Resourcefulness is represented by Pentacles, Diamonds, and the Earth. The Pentacles are portrayed by coins, and indeed, the Artist must be frugal with his money, but moreso, he must be able to identify the value of all of the factors of his life, coming to the realization that given the right shine, everything the Earth offers can sparkle like a Diamond.

Appreciating and utilizing his physical and mental health, the Artist realizes that the greatest work of Art he will ever create is the life he shares. Upon realizing that the elements of his life, when pieced together with the same passion and play with which he designs his Art, offer him all the Earth holds, the Artist becomes an entrepreneur of excellence.


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