The Ambition of Artistry

The next step for the Artist is Ambition. This is the push that the Artist needs to continually press on toward excellence in his chosen endeavor. Ambition is represented by Wands, Clubs, and Fire. The Wand is indeed magical and any great sorcerer uses the wand like a painter uses a brush, to create that which must be made manifest. As the vision is given to the inner recesses of the mind, the Artist wields his Wand to passionately transmute his intellectual energy into creative endeavor.

The Clubs represent our culture, the masses to whom we must share our vision. For at this stage, Art is not created for Art’s sake, but for a greater good, a higher calling of communication, and a burning desire to teach, to lead, and to continually be used as a tool for the good of the community.

With Fire in our bellies, we engage in this lifestyle of Artisan with a passion that overcomes the fear of poverty and misunderstanding, to elicit a work that truly can club some over the head and touch others with the gentle tap of a wand.


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