The Commitment of Artistry

The first step on the journey of the Artist is Commitment. Without Commitment, the Artist is merely a hobbyist, utilizing his skills to pass time with the potential to someday delight a passerby. Without commitment, the painting never gets finished, the book never reaches an end, the film never gets edited, and the performer never reaches the stage.

Commitment is symbolized through the suits of Spades and Swords and represents the element of Air. Commitment represents pure thinking and the realization that you are, indeed, and Artist. Breathing deeply and aligning your thoughts with the task before you, the Commitment to be an Artist encompasses all that you are, and you begin with the right understanding of the power and responsibility you are given. From the very air we breathe, Artists are inspired to create works and words that, once given wing, carry our souls to a higher state of understanding.

In French lore, the suit of Spades is said to represent nobility, and the pursuit of a life as an artisan is definitely a noble pursuit. Allowing your society a new vision of itself and the world at large through a finite space of color, shape, and image, the role of the Artist has been celebrated for generations and is reaching a new pinnacle in this new age.

The Sword cuts right to the truth, and the artist makes his mark, establishing himself as divided from the rest of the world in his altruistic resonance of being a carrier of the underlying intelligence of the universe that speaks to the soul of all of us.


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