The Supreme Court Unravels America

Democracy began to decline when corporations were granted personhood decades ago. Last week, the Supreme Court put another nail into its coffin. Although Capitalism has often been used synonymously with Democracy, our inability to differentiate between the two has caused a cataclysmic rift in the principles upon with this country was founded.

1229466_dollar_signAlthough corporations, man-made entities that serve as the machines of our financial economy, have been given the rights of personhood, they do not possess the true qualities of a person, and can therefore not understand the human economies of emotion, spirituality, independent will, and abstract thinking. Their initiation into American politics has clinched our devotion to finance as our primary goal, and greed as our primary motivation.

By giving one of our creations the ability to dictate the outcome of our political discussion, we have set ourselves up as the gods of our own destinies without fully understanding how to even master ourselves. The Supreme Court’s decision has forever changed the face of Democracy and is slowly ushering in the age of Fascism in America.

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